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Consumer internet services

Access Requirements 

  • Must be situated within the coverage area of the spotted beams of the Y1-B satellite.  See the coverage maps
  • Availability of electricity, customer to provide surge protected 220V Mains Supply at the site
  • Customer Premises Equipment (CPE). The equipment will be supplied and installed by a Certified Vox Installer, at the premises of the customer.  The customer’s position, data package and network specifications will determine the composition of the CPE packages.
  • The CPE packages includes the following:
    - Satellite dish and bracket for 74cm, 98cm dishes, 120cm dish without a bracket
    - LNB (Transmitter/Receiver Unit, TxRx 1 or 2 Watt)
    - Hughes HN9600 or HN9800 Indoor Routers
    - Installation Voucher 


 Cost for the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) package

CPE packageCPE Price Rental Cost 36 Months Vat Included
Standard Installation Vat exTotal price installation and Vat included
Consumer 74CM dish, HN9600 router, 1 Watt TxRx

R 7 959.65

R 362.00R 1 250.00R 10 499
Consumer 98CM dish, HN9600 router, 1 Watt TxRxR 10 342.11R 472.00R 1 500.00R 13 500
Business 74CM dish, HN9800 router, 2 Watt TxRxR 10 152.63R 452.00R 1 250.00R 12 999
Business 98CM dish, HN9800 router, 2 Watt TxRxR 11 657.02R 532.00R 1 500.00R 14 999
Business 120CM dish, HN9800 router, 2 Watt TxRxR 13 261.40R 612.00R 1 650.00R 16 999

Once off Cost for the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) package:
Between R10 499 and R16 999  (Vat and Installation included)

Rental Option

Vox Telecom also offers an option to rent the equipment for a period of 36 months to the customer 


The average duration of an installation is 4 hours, which includes the mounting of brackets, pointing of the Transmitter, caballing and connection to the customer’s computer of network.  

 CPE Price and Installation
The CPE price includes the installation of the CPE on a customer’s premises within 25km from the nearest installer.

  • The CPE price does not include travel and accommodation to places outside of the 25km radius.
  • If the installation on the premises of the customer will require special preparations or will last longer than 4 hours, the customer will be liable for that cost
  • This cost will be quoted and settled between customer and installer.

 Price Adjustments
Vox Telecom reserves the right to change prices on 30 days notice.. The following criteria may affect price changes;

  • ICASA licence fees
  • Rand/USD exchange rate

 Rain Fade
Rain Fade is the physical phenomenon that deteriorates RF signals due to the presence of moisture (rain, snow, ice) in the transmission path.  Losses are especially prevalent at higher frequencies like Ka-band (Yahsat 1B is a Ka-band satellite). Rain fade can be caused by precipitation at the uplink or downlink location. However, it does not need to be raining at a location for it to be affected by rain fade, as the signal may pass through precipitation many miles away. Signal loss can occur due to presence of precipitation on the antenna assembly as well. HN system we use has mechanisms built in to minimize the effect of rain fade on service known as Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM) and Adaptive Inbound Selection (AIS)

 Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)
On the outroute, HN system adjusts the tolerance level to signal quality of a terminal based on weather conditions (hence signal quality).  The satellite terminal measures its outroute receive quality; in situations such as rain fade or a weak satellite footprint location, a satellite terminal can send feedback to the NOC GTWY that then adjusts the coding rate and modulation on the traffic to that specific satellite terminal

 Adaptive Inroute Selection and Power Control
The Hub continuously monitors the signal strength for packets received from each remote and sends feedback to the remote. Remote then adjusts the power control, inroute and type of coding it uses to maintain the signal quality received at the hub within established bounds.  This allows for a dynamic adjustment for best efficiency and quality

Vox Telecom offers an option to rent the equipment for a period of 36 Months to the customer 




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