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We distinguish between Resellers and Sales Agents for YahClick as follows:

Sales Agents. Third parties who are already contracted through one of the Vox divisions, Vox bill and support the customer directly. These Agents have to apply through their existing Vox Telecom division to get access to the product.

Resellers. Third parties who are contracted through Vox Telecom as a wholesaler of Vox Products and services. The wholesaler bill and support the customer directly in their own name.

Benefits to Resellers and Agents.
The following benefits apply to the Resellers and Agents


  • Become a Reseller or Agent for the most competitive satellite product in the RSA
  • Ka-band technology opens the door to fresh and exciting NIS markets
  • Can offer an affordable and quality broadband service in the un-serviced and underserviced rural areas of the RSA
  • Can install broadband and VOIP in one day in the coverage area
  • Voice friendly and enjoy quality of service
  • The service is not limited by contention ratios like ADSL

The product does not rely on any 3rd party networks in South Africa

Vox Support to Resellers.

  • Training and support to Resellers to ensure a well trained and certified installer
  • API or web services available to Reseller
  • 24/7 Call Centre support from Centurion, which is backed up by an international 24/7 Network Operation Centre.
  • Warehousing facilities provided by Vox in Johannesburg

Earn substantial commission on new sales and active subscribers

  • Once Off CIB on a new sale
  • Once off installation fee to the certified installer
  • Recurring monthly revenue on active subscribers

Requirements for Resellers

  • Integration to Vox/Yahsat systems
  • Stock and maintain reasonable stock levels to comply with sale
  • 1st Tier on Customer Care and support
  • Own billing system, which synchronizes with Vox
  • Installer network, which will be certified.
  • Installers need an installer’s kit which can be purchased from Vox Telecom at a price of R2500 inclusive of VAT.

Reseller Training
The following training at Vox Telecom offices will be mandatory

  • Installer training
  • Customer care training
  • Product sales training
Reseller Application
Click here to download application form.

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