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Vox Telecom will build a network of trained and certified YahClick Installers, strategically positioned to ensure proximity to customers in the coverage area

Installers will be certified after completion of the Installer training and confirmation that they are in possession of the specified cable and accessories.  Certification will happens yearly thereafter to ensure a high standard of installations.

Installers will receive an installer kit at the cost of R2500 Vat Inclusive after completion of the training. This kit includes the following:

• Antenna pointing tool
• Squinter for 74cm dishes
• Squinter for 98cm dishes
• Installers Certificate
• Access to the Vox Telecom Wikipedia

The installer Kit and cable are available through the affiliated sales division.

The Installer will need to purchase additional items to complete installations. Some of these are reusable (e.g. tools & Laptop) and others will get consumed with each installation ( e.g. ground wire / dielectric sealant). These items will be demonstrated during the initial installer's training. These include the following:

•  Laptop for Installer
•  GPS
•  RG-6 Compression tool
•  RG-6 Cable Stripper
•  1 x Cat Fly lead
•  1 x RG6 fly lead
•  7/16 inch and½ inch open wrench
•  Installation Cable (RG6 or RG11)
•  Ground Blocks, miscellaneous grounding supplies, & Ground Wire
•  Sealant & Dielectric Silicone grease
•  Heat shrinking tubes
•  Red and Blue Waterproof Cable
•  Inclinometer
•  Drill with concrete drill bits ( masonry 8mm normal, 8mm x 150mm, 14mm x 150mm and 16mm x 400mm)
•  Spirit Level
•  Pliers and miscellaneous hand tools
•  Torque wrench
•  Ratchet set
•  Mounts for 98cm CPE (Non-penetrating Mounts and Pole Mounts)
•  M8 Roll bolt Cable Feeder
•  Extension ladder, 6 m and 3,8m
•  High frequency ground blocks
•  Ground wire
•  Corner Clamps
•  Front meter clamp
•  Pipe Clamp
•  “I” clamp
•  ½ inch copper strap
•  Spare F connectors

The average duration of a Standard YahClick installation is 4 hours, this includes the mounting of brackets, pointing of the transmitter, caballing and connection to the customer’s computer or network. The Installation price includes the installation of the CPE and accessories, but does not include travel and accommodation. If the preparation of the customer’s premises required special preparations or a complex installation, the customer will be liable for that additional cost.

Installation price includes

  • Travel cost within 25kms from the Installers premises.  It does not include travel and accommodation to places further than 25km. This cost will be quoted and settled between customer and installer as follows:
  • Installation through a Vox Certified Installer ( does not include sub-contracting or use of local personnel)
  • Installation to an outside wall as determine during the site survey.  Antenna must be mounted 1,5m and higher from the ground.  Installations higher than 3m are non-standard.  Wall mounts can only be mounted to surfaces or building materials that can support the wall mount.
  • The Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) consist of:
  • Satellite dish ( 74cm, 98cm or 120cm dishes)
  • Standard Trimast wall mount bracket for 74cm and 98cm dishes only.
  • LNB (Transmitter/Receiver Unit,  TxRx 1 or 2 Watt)
  • Hughes HN9260 or HN9460 Indoor Routers
  • 10 x RG-6 Compression Connectors (10 pcs.)
  • Insolation Tape (3m)
  • Tie Wraps
  • Installation Cable RG6 – 20M which the Installer will supply
  • Wall jack, which the Installer will supply
  • The installer will supply the following as part of the CPE and Installation which form part of the Standard Installation fee
    • Installation Cable (RG6) – 20M
    • Grounding blocks and ground wire
    • Roll bolts
    • Silicone for sealing
    • Site survey, which form part of the installation
  • Grounding according to regulations.  The installer will supply grounding blocks and cable
  • Weather insolation
  • Testing of connectivity and capture of data in the Onsite Verification Tool (OVT) using an installer Laptop
  • Connecting the system to one computer
  • Demonstrate the YahClick system is operational by browsing the internet.  The setup of any additional service or products is non- standard and for the account of the customer
  • Download the End User Portal software, set it up for the subscriber and demonstrate it

Non-Standard Installation

Non-Standard Installation can be defined as conditions where work is performed outside the definition of a Standard Installation

The following are Non-Standard Installation items:

  • Preparation of the installation site, contractors work, ground works, removal of trees
  • Safety of the site, people and equipment
  • Sites with no line of sight to the satellite which required fabricated mounts
  • Sites in estates where the rules are not clear or it may take time and a process to determine
  • Rental property and landlord has not approved installation yet. 
  • Installations higher than 3m or sites where special health and safety regulations are required
  • Site where trenching work is needed
  • Installation sites in or on high-rise buildings
  • Roof Mounts, pole extensions, single pole mounts, Non-Pen Mounts
  • Earth spike, where it is necessary
  • More than the standard length (20M) of cable or RG11 cable is required
  • Drilling through more than 1 outer wall
  • Configuration of the customer’s Local Area Network

Rates for Non-Standard Installation items

Description of Non-Standard item

Cost Vat Inclusive

Additional Travel Charge

R5.13 /km

Additional RG6 cable required

R15.00 per meter

Additional RG11 cable required

R20.00 per meter

Additional Wall Mount Extension 150cm x 60mm


Additional Wall Mount Extension Clamp for 60mm pipe


Pole Mount with struts for 74/98cm Dish – exclude concrete and labour


Pole Mount with struts for 120cm Dish – exclude concrete and labour


Non-Penetrating Mount 74/98


Non-Penetrating Mount 120cm


Follow up visit to Site

R456 plus R5.13 /km

Additional Labour

R399 per hour


The customer is responsible for the followin

  • Serviceable Computer as specified to connect to
  • Availability of electricity,  customer to provide surge protected 220V Mains Supply at the premises ( surge protector or UPS)
  • Safety of the site, installation team and equipment
  • Permits and or zoning variances where applicable
  • Travel and accommodation
  • To prepare the site for a safe installation
  • Non-Standard installation 

Outdoor Equipment Installation.  The following are important with regards to the positioning of outdoor equipment installation:

  • Antenna should have line of sight to the satellite at installation and in future
  • The mount and underlying structure must hold the antenna pointed towards the satellite even in severe conditions
  • The site should be easy to access for installation and routine maintenance

Antenna Placement Considerations.  We recommend the following for the antenna location:

  • Aesthetics  -  Antenna placement must be relatively inconspicuous to building visitors and compatible with the appearance of the building and surrounding community
  • View – Antenna view of satellite must be guaranteed currently as well as in future.
  • Strength – The mount and underlying structure must hold the antenna pointed towards the satellite even in severe conditions
  • Safety – The site should be easy to access for installation and routine maintenance, allow operation without jeopardizing people or the building
  • Cost – When selecting a site, cost should be minimised  (high cost items are long cable runs and site inaccessibility.


The ideal installer will comply to the following:

•  Positioned in the coverage area of a spotted beam
•  Reputable service record in the area of interest
•  Previous experience in ICT services and or TV dish installations
•  Own delivery/ installations vehicle
•  In possession of tools required for a dish and computer network installation

YahClick Mount Specifications

Click here to download application form.

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