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Connectivity provides a solution to one of mankind’s most basic needs: communication. However, for many people around South Africa (and indeed the rest of the world) communication in the form of internet connectivity remains a highly expensive and unviable option. This lack of service infrastructure has presented Vox Telecom, in partnership with Al Yah Satellite Communications Company PJSC (Yahsat), with an opportunity to provide much needed satellite services to a wide range of “remote site” areas in both rural and urban environments around the country. Vox and Yahsat will offer a cutting-edge broadband satellite service to South African consumers and businesses that will deliver reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to users in areas with limited or no internet access, at costs comparable to current terrestrial services.

Yahsat selected Vox Telecom as a service partner to roll out this unique broadband offering to South Africa. Yahsat is a private joint stock company fully owned by Mubadala, the investment arm of the Government of Abu Dhabi (the capital of the United Arab Emirates). Mubadala is well established in the UAE and abroad, and manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio of local, regional and international projects and investments in strategic sectors, including the energy, real estate, healthcare, aerospace and services sectors. Mubadala currently invests in businesses such as General Electric, AMD and The Carlyle Group, amongst others.

YahClick is Yahsat’s broadband solution. The YahClick product is cost effective, versatile and suitable for multiple segments, including consumers, SMEs and corporates with remote sites requiring reliable, fast internet access. On top of investment in the new satellites, Yahsat is investing in advanced ground segment infrastructure, which includes four gateways. Yahsat’s new Y1B satellite employs Ka-band technology and has 55 active spot beams via Ka multi-spot beams with an EIRP (Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power) of up to 66 dBW and reusable frequencies to maximise spectrum efficiency. While traditional satellite technology utilises broad single beams covering entire continents and regions, YahClick's Ka-band spot beams provide coverage over highly targeted areas (a smaller footprint on the ground), which simply means more reliability, greater efficiencies on the ground, smaller antennas and lower costs for the end user, as well as the elimination of issues with spectrum availability. And with terminals that can support speeds of up to 16Mbps, there will be no shortage of high-speed bandwidth.

It is predicted that by 2015 internet penetration in South Africa will be around 6.7 million and satellite-specific internet penetration will be around 130,000. YahClick and Vox Telecom’s satellite broadband packages will assist with fast tracking economic development by connecting underserved and unserved environments and offer connectivity to these communities at terrestrial rates. Suddenly businesses and communities will be able to operate more efficiently online and interact with the rest of the world in a manner previously unobtainable.

The partnership with Yahsat presents a perfect opportunity to enhance Vox’s range of cost-saving broadband services across the country. The YahClick Ka-band consumer and business broadband service compliments Vox’s vision of providing the widest possible range of telco products and services to consumers and businesses.


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